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Inital payment deposit

Posted by Sarah , on
If we agree for the work to start next Monday. Should I pay the inital invoice (the tradesman is requesting 50%) today (Thurs) or once the tradesman arrives at the property on the Monday morning?
Adrian Taverna

Adrian Taverna

Hi Sarah . I am a tradesman myself. A lot of it depends on trust . If he/she is time served and qualified and experienced and can prove with recommendations and photos and you are paying for goods up front probably yes . Although I usually ask fo 3 stage payments . Hope it goes well
James Reeder-Smith

James Reeder-Smith

Hi, Yes a deposit a few days/week or so before is standard and agreed between you and the contractor. Make sure you have it agreed in writing what the deposit is and get a receipt/use a traceable method (Bacs etc) to ensure traceability. Materials can cost a lot so a lot of contractors will ask for a deposit to help with this. James
Tim Smith

Tim Smith

If the job is over a certain amount, I tend to ask for 50% a few few days before I start the job for materials. It’s just to help cash flow. Just make sure you pay via bank transfer so that there is a paper trail. Hope this helps. Tim.

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