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House wall repair

Posted by john campbell, on
My back wall is exposed to open fields and gets the extremes of weather. For a re-pointing job should i ask for a builder or bricklayer? I want re-pointing that is not just a "scratch the surface job" that will drop out in a years time, I am told that using a router should be condsided.
David Halliday

David Halliday

Hi John, I am unsure as to what kind of material your wall is built with as you do not say. As a general rule the old friable mortar should be picked out by hand to twice the width of joint I.e 10 mm joint pick out 20 mm, do not allow anybody near your walls with a grinder as this will tend to not only cut out the old mortar but also cut into the walling material. As a general rule a bricklayer for brickwork a stonemason for stonework. Good luck with your project, Dave
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello John, Using silicone treatment on the brickwork will protect it, but it won't stop the joints flaking and the ice lying on the edge. You must cut the joint out with a grinder to a depth of 25mm then wash down and repoint. You should then get a 10 year guarantee. Regards Michael
Chris Plastow

Chris Plastow

It is a very specialist jib to repoint a wall , so much so that I would only trust a company that has that function as their main income . I , on the other hand can recommend the application of a Siloxane silicone treatment to the wall . Google Enviroseal . This product is very good at preventing rain water penetration without the need to repoint . I've been using it for thirty years with 100% success .
Nathan Pepper

Nathan Pepper

Hi John, as advised it is worth sticking to specialist repointing firms as we carry out these projects day in day out and have the correct equipment for the raking out process. Wall chasers, mortar routers and angle grinders all with dust extraction fitted. Nathan FocalPoint

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