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Posted by Frances Gray Tomordy, on
What is re pointing ? Is it the work of a builder? Is re rendering the same?
Nathan Pepper

Nathan Pepper

Good morning Frances, Justin is quite right in his explanation of the differences between the two trades. Pointing is a highly skilled process, if work is carried out incorrectly it can not only spoil the look of your property, but it can fail and require redoing after only a few years. You will be better off commissioning a specialist repointing firm to carry out the work.
justin smith

justin smith

Hi Re-pointing is usually done on stonework or brickwork which is taking out the old cement/lime joints and pointing new cement/lime back in. Re-rendering is totally covering over all surfaces with cement or harling. Both jobs are done by different tradesman. You'd be looking at a stonemason/builder for re-pointing and a plasterer for re-rendering. Hope this helps you.

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