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Posted by Vicky Patten, on
My house is a 3 bedroomed terraced house. With 2 bay windows. Not quite ready to look for quotes yet but just wondering roughly how much it would cost to repoint the front and back? May just need patches may need it all doing. Thankyou.
Nathan Pepper

Nathan Pepper

Good evening Mrs Patten. As a very rough guide, allow 20m2 for the front and 20m2 for the rear elevation. Total 40m2 x £50pm2 total £2000 Allow additional £600 for scaffolding. If you are In Kent please look us up. FocalPoint Repointing
Armando Beqiri

Armando Beqiri

Hi Vicky you need Scafolding at around £2000, and then £60 psqm for re-pointing, I hope that’s answers you enquiry Rg Armando LGA Properties ltd

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