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Posted by Steed Day, on
Repointing the front of a two storey pre 1940s house Cost and how long it could take ?
Nathan Pepper

Nathan Pepper

Good evening Steed. As a rough guide allow between 40 pounds and 60 pounds per square meter depending on mortar type and joint style. Average meterage for the front elevation of a 2 storey property is around 20m2 Allow 300 pounds for scaffold. Total cost likely to be between 1,100 pounds and 1,500 pounds If you are in the Kent area please look us up. FocalPoint Repointing
Ermir Kryeziu

Ermir Kryeziu

It would cost about £4-5 thousands depending and you looking 8-10 days complete , hope this helps
Malcolm Murray

Malcolm Murray

It depends on the area of pointing ,I take it you would be doing it in a lime putty mix? does the stone need repaired? if the building needs scaffold that would put the cost up to if you could give me the length and height of area that your needing done and a few pictures I could give you a rough idea Thanks Malcolm

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