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Two Roller Blinds need putting up

Posted by Gillian Millard, on
Roller blinds cannot be fitted due to steel then hollow in recess windows nothing for screws to grab onto, already made several holes to no avail, any ideas ?
Paul Collins

Paul Collins

As others have said drilling a pilot hole into the steel, preferably with a new/sharp high speed steel drill bit, and then using a decent hard screw to cut a thread into the steel will give you a very strong fixing. Generally the pilot hole should be 1mm smaller than the screw shank going into it, i.e. for a no.8 screw (which has a 4mm shank) a 3mm is drill is correct. Small diameter drills have a habit of breaking when going into steel, if the 3mm keeps breaking use a 4mm and a no 10 screw. Self tappers per se are not really necessary, quality screws will cut their own thread in steel but do it a little bit in, then reverse to clear the swarf, and then in again, and keep repeating until you're through. A bit of oil on the screw would help too. Are you sure It's a steel lintel you're going into? It would take quite a while to get through an RSJ. If you have metal studwork/plasterboard all that's needed into the thin metal is a dry lining screw, no drill, or metal plasterboard fixing into the board.
Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson

Hi Gillian are you trying to fix to the window or the lintel above? It sounds like you are trying to fix to the steel lintel above the window, if that is the case you can use self tapping screws. Drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than the screw diameter then insert the screws. Hope this helps.Thanks. Ed.
neil pickard

neil pickard

i would put a curtain plate on 70 x 12 fixed to the steel you can make small pilot holes in steel fixed with self tapping screws . I would get a joiner to do this
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Gillian, Put your job onto rated people's site to get a free quotation & site visit. Regards Michael

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