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Black Mould in bedroom

Posted by Sufyan Tariq, on
The small bedroom in my rented house is developing black mold just above the skirting boards. I'm not sure who I need to get to take a look at this as I suspect it can be either a leaking gutter on the outside / the brickwork outside needs to be re-pointed or a pipe which comes out from the floor and runs into the bathroom alongside this skirting board (This was already in place when I purchased the house & the floor has been done with laminate boards)
Stephen Fraser

Stephen Fraser

Black spot mould is caused by condensation. Sounds like a lack of ventilation allowing the hot air to condensate on cold surfaces windows outside walls. This can be caused by the tenants life style. Drying clothes on radiators not opening windows etc. You can get a dehumidifier vent fitted it is called a passyfier. A damp specialist will advise you on the best course of action. Hope this helps Regards Stephen

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