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Wall removal with electrics and radiator

Posted by Joshua Combs, on
Hello, I have a wall in my home up the stairs and in the upstairs landing that I want to knock down and replace with a bannister and also to reshap the bathroom. The wall has a light switch down stairs which would need to be taken out. Would a handyman be able to do this? Or do I need a qualified electrician? There is also a radiator which will need moving when the bathroom is reshaped do I need a plumber or can a handyman do this? Thanks
Ryan McEwan

Ryan McEwan

Most definitely use an electrician for the switch for your own safety I would also say the same for the radiator I'm sure most handy man know how to take a radiator of a wall but as you are moving it That would involve pipe work alterations and system draining and isolation which tends to need a bit more knowledge and experience Hope this helps Ryan
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Joshua... I always advise people to contact fully experienced and qualified trades people for associated jobs. So if it is an electrical issue, you need an electrician. If the issue is plumbing, you need a plumber. And so on and so forth. It is always best to get jobs done correctly unless you are willing to pay out more in the long run for shoddy inexperienced so called trades people or disasters! I hope this helps! J Ireland Plumber

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