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Job wasnt finished

Posted by Rudy Janak, on
What can i do if i found person and pay him upront but job isnt finished at all and he is not coming back it seems.
Natalie Zambonini

Natalie Zambonini

This is an outrage, i hope Rated people have helped you out. Does the company have a web profile? Maybe leave a review saying whats happened and they wont be long in contacting you. Always wait until the job ins complete to pay up, most will ask for deposit which is normal but anymore i would refuse. Horrible worl we live in. If you have online access do a search on the company and make sute they have at least a website or facebook page. Most have Trustpilot for reviews also. Hope that helps, and most of all i hope they have been back in contact to complete there work. Nat Elite Renovations Group Ltd
Rated  People

Rated People

Hi Rudy, So sorry to read about your experience with the tradesperson you found. Please follow the advice in our homeowner's guide for dispute resolution for advice on next step you should take: You can also get us involved by contacting our customer care team at Thanks, Alex Ask an Expert team
Daniel John

Daniel John

That is so unfair, don’t no why people do that, People shouldn’t ask for money up front first and secondly you shouldn’t have paid everything before the job was completed. Contact rated by calling them.

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