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From pay you to finish the project

Posted by Oliver Samur, on
I work like subcontractor unde project between £50-200 million, I am young, but not stupid, so: I pay you £70 per month, your send me via email the project and if I choose firstly I am the winner or I need to auction with someone? In that mail it's everything for the project. For example to build one house, who paid the scaffolding, me or the owner? When owner give you all information, he tell you about the rice with or without the materials? We make a contract with the owner, he pay me the advance I do my job and at the end he pay me the rest of the money, but if he don't pay me? What can I do? Can I go to police with that contract? In mail, it's information about the price of roject or I need to go to negotiate with the owner!? Sorry for my englesh!
Malcolm Murray

Malcolm Murray

I’m having same problem with a client ,I have had a look in to it have been told to go to small claims court.If you stay in England get a deft collector involved they have a lot more powers in what Scotland has
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Oliver... you need to your research into how to deal with projects, customers and run a business I hope this helps! J Ireland Plumber

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