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Job costings

Posted by Eddie Cady, on
Hello, please can you let me know if the cost guides on this site include materials AND labour? Please let me know; I’ve not heard back from the last time I asked, earlier this week. Thank you so much.
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Eddie... the costing on this website is not accurate. You should also remember that trades people that you employ are businesses, it is highly unlikely that you will find a business that will be willing to work with you if you are looking for a highly cut price! You need to be realistic about the work you are seeking and whom you are employing! For large scale jobs, get four or five quotes. You will notice a considerable difference I hope this helps! J Ireland Plumber
dane forman

dane forman

the cost guides are not acurate.asume the job will always be more expensive.thats draw back with rated.
John Rouse

John Rouse

Unfortunately they don’t include labour costing as every job is different from the next one, Also the costing of the materials on this website are totally inaccurate & misleading to homeowner’s as a tradesmen I have relayed this to ratedpeople & nothing has changed so be aware diy chains supply cheap & in most cases inferior products were most tradesmen will use Trade materials that have a proven record on quality

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