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D Amos

Posted by david amos, on
Can an earthwire for fuse box be on an outside wall and atachedto an outside gas meter
Dale Horsfall

Dale Horsfall

Hi David, Yes your new 10mm earth cable can be ran externally either clipped direct to the wall or enclosed in a plastic conduit. The earth clamp can be attached to the gas main inside the meter enclosure,it needs to be attached within 600mm of the incoming gas main.Be sure to check your water main as this should be a 10mm aswell. Hope this helps, Regards
sean mccaffrey

sean mccaffrey

Hi David It is critical that the Gas Pipe and Water Pipe are "Bonded" with 10mm earth cable to the same terminal bar on the main earth Terminal and not for example to an earth rod that Gas installers may have installed. Regards Brian
Cornelius Cretu

Cornelius Cretu

Hi David, The reason the earth conductor was run on the outside wall, was to avoid damage to the walls and floors in order to run it to the gas pipe. Regards,

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