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Posted by Kathy Gore, on
We have just had our original (1894) floor sanded. We have found woodworm in a couple of the boards. This was not visible before the work was done as varnish on the boards was very dark. What should I do now?
Barry Field

Barry Field

1) Woodworm could need treating but needs to be treated from underneath and hopefully it hasn't got into your joists. 2) Alternative could be filled but you would see the holes. 3) Finally the boards could be replaced but you may be up against it with the age of the boards 1894. A reclamation yard may be your answer. 4) Without seeing the boards as well it is hard to pass judgement but hopefully the above answers will help. Cheers Barry Field BRF Flooring Limited.
Russell Insall

Russell Insall

Hi, It is likely the woodworm is not live, as dust would have been visible around the holes especially before the floor was sanded. Most old properties have suffered woodworm at some stage. You are usually issued with a certificate and a ten year guarantee if treated professionally. If you don't have knowledge of any treatment get a local specialist in to take a look. If they think it wise to treat they will do it with the boards in situ.

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