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How do I determine best flooring option for my room please?

Posted by Sara Friedrichs, on
Hello, I am looking at carpet alternatives for a relatively large living area and hoping for best advice so can narrow down options for quote requests. Welcome all advice on durable flooring options though have been leaning towards wood or similar unless can be persuaded otherwise. Someone recommended re-engineered wood although reading up it seems need a firm idea on underfloor moisture levels and more ( at which point I put down the laptop and the task went back to the bottom of the to do list due to additional amount of reading required) Real wood is also an option if durable enough, and a number of friends have laminate although I'm concerned that a cheaper laminate option might look pants given the expanse of floor to cover. Would be really grateful of advice so as to narrow down options please? Thank you
Stephen Fraser

Stephen Fraser

Hi Depending on the sub floor if it is timber floorboards I would recommend engineered flooring or solid flooring. Avoid laminate ! ! If the sub floor is concrete and on the ground floor you would have to put a damp proof membrane down first but this is straight forward and not expensive.
marc savill

marc savill

Hi Sara, Many people assume that fitting a laminate floor is somehow a cheap, low quality alternative to having a real wooden floor. Please check out Quickstep laminate with Uni click joints. Their ranges are great with natural textures and and even small sizes that look like woodblock flooring. It is the only laminate I install because of the quality. It comes with a long product guarantee. The installation price is cheaper because of the time scale of fitting is faster. There are many types of underlay that will do the job you need it for. ie damp proofing; sound proofing. Hope this helps.

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