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Heating but no hot water

Posted by Nicola Reynolds, on
HI got a britony combi se boiler the heating works but the boiler either does not fire up for hot water or if it does the water is luke warm and the tap has to be on full blast,we recently had a new o ring and the surrounding parts changed,could it be the flow switch?
Ian Allen

Ian Allen

Hi it sounds like the Diaphragm in the Diverter Valve has become worn or split ( more likely worn ). If the heat exchanger was blocked you would get symptoms of over heat as the heat exchanger would not be able to dissipate the heat. They are relativity cheap to buy & as long as the boiler is in good condition it should take around 1 1/2 hours to do. Kind regards, Ian Allen Aquian Plumbing
Dave Claringbould

Dave Claringbould

Hi if the water is Luke warm then the Flow switch is working, sounds like the heat exchanger For thr hot water is scaled up, they can br cleaned out But need to be done by a professional , not sure what area You are I've got a no of a really good engineer Who does this for me all the time, he also does mail order But Obviously better if thr part can br taken to him. Hope this helps Regards David DC builders

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