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Replacing 1970s electric water heater

Posted by Harry Jewson, on
We have a 1970s flat - all electric, no gas. The wet heating system is run off an Electroheat Amptec Electric sentinel x2000 boiler, probably put in in the 90s or 2000s. It's probably ineffecient (our bills are high), but it works fine. The shower has its own electric heater. Probably ugrade in the future but fine for now, even if water pressure poor. The taps and bath are run off a very old, poorly insulated, large cylindrical electric heater - I think from the 1970s. It's split into 2 sections. The larger one was on an Economy 7 timer, heating overnight, but its element/wiring has gone and it's disconnected now. This leaves us with just the top section, which is about 1/5 the size and is operated by a ticking egg timer in the kitchen. It's so impractical that we just wash up with cold water. It doesn't produce enough water for a bath. We need to replace this heater with a modern system. What sort of system would be suitable? The pipes run through the flat in concrete and we're likely to move on in a few years, so I just want something simple that won't cause any trouble. I imagine a main water heater, perhaps on an electric or peg timer, and a small immersion boost tank to help out with baths etc? But I honestly don't know what is suitable in reality, and I want to get an idea of what is appropriate so that I can tell if someone I get out is trying to rip me off! Any general comments really really appreciated! H

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