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Work top joints

Posted by Michael Robinson, on
Kitchen sink, how close can it be fitted to a work top joints.

Karl Hockless

Hi Michael. I am assuming you are having laminate worktops fitted and hence your concern, (granite, quartz, corrian etc would not pose a problem). There are two things to bear in mind with laminate, it is bolted together so you will need to leave room for the bolts - around 100mm. Secondly, even with the joint fully sealed with Colourfill there is still a good possibility that it will 'blow' over time if it is constantly wet. Hope this helps, Karl

kevin collis

I always advise a metal butt joint but that is mainly in rentals If you have a water tight perfect joint colorfilled and protected you can 30mm is my personal max try hunting round for a slimmer sink maybe 1 bowl as opposed bowl and a half Im assuming this is on corner sink being the first unit and then returning on a longer run
Mike Gregory

Mike Gregory

If your on a right angle which I'm assuming you possibly are run the joint parallel with the front of the sink instead of along side of it, a work top join will often land near a sink and thats not a big problem. But try and ensure the joint is away instead of next to the sink if that's at all possible. Hope this helps out a little bit South Coast Building Ltd
Howard Reeves

Howard Reeves

Try keep the joint away from sink far as it can go because any weakness in the joint or any sligth gap water will find a way of swelling the joint no matter how much work top seal u put in Regards Howard @ reeves electricals and installations
Barry Warden

Barry Warden

Hi Michael If possible I always try to keep joints away from the sink but sometimes its unavoidable .We have high quality sealing compounds these days so if required it can be as close as 100mm which leaves enough space for the worktop bolts. Kind regards Barry Warden

Gary Finnie

Hi I agree with howards response but assumed you are asking as you have no alternative. If it is too close perhaps you should think about re-designing the layout Gary

Gary Finnie

Hi it can go as close as you want it to providing the joint is not where you cut the hole for the bowl. The joint can be sealed using worktop jointing seal Hope this helps Gary
Jason Stockhill

Jason Stockhill

Some would say its not ideal where it can constantly get wet, as the joint needs to have mitre compound to seal it. If its done poorly it will fail. But I would say plan the joint as best you can. If it is something you cant plan out make just sure the mitre compound / glue is spot on and the bolts 3 of them are snug. Check the worktop is level over the joint as well with a straight edge. Glue the mitre as you would, then tightening! do the bolts middle first! back then front bit at a time, use a ratchet spanner. Then go over the joint. With compound Should be fine. Just incase you are using mitre strips they can go anywhere
Dave Claringbould

Dave Claringbould

Keep it as far away as poss, otherwise you take away The integrity of the w/top, also in this wet area Best to keep away as much as poss minimum 200i would have thought
Mike  Simpson

Mike Simpson

Hello Michael, Try and get the sink bowl far enough from the worktop joint that it will not be getting wet regularly. No matter how well a butt and scribe joint is done in a laminated worktop, it will blow eventually if it gets wet. If your layout dictates that your joint must be near the sink bowl you could consider using a solid surface worktop. We supply and fit Bushboard Encore fairly regularly. (there are many other types too) The joints are sealed with a two part adhesive and then it is sanded down. Done properly the joints are almost invisible andwaterproof. This will be more expensive than a laminated top but cheaper in the long run. Mike

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