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Do I need a plumber or an electrician for a washing machine fault.

Posted by Paul Jane, on
My washing machine recently started making a funny noise & now doesn't work. The drum doesn't spin so it could be the belt or the motor but I don't know whether I need a plumber or an electrician
Fraser Flower

Fraser Flower

Hi Paul. Find a washing machine engineer who is knowlegdable in your make of machine. Make sure you obtain a quote for the work first as it might be more sensible and cheaper in the long run to buy a new machine. Good luck Fraser

Reece Hosken

Hi Paul, Best bet is have a look in your local free paper for Washing Machine repairs, or Google it, This will be someone who knows all the machines ans will have access to spares quickly/ Reece Hosken Handyman Solutions
Axel Keating

Axel Keating

neither . there are specialist kitchen appliance repairers that have a good working knowledge of plumbing/elecrics/mechanics . most sparkys I know wouldnt know the basics of how an electric motor works :)
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Hi Paul I would Suggest to look for domestic apliances engineer not a plumber or electrician Regards Rafal
Mike  Simpson

Mike Simpson

Hello Paul. You don't need a plumber or an electrician. You need a local appliance repair specialist. kind regards Mike

Alan Bridge

you require a washing machine mechanic who is both an Electrian and a Plumber Regards Alan Carpentry Joinery & General Builder

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