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What trades do i need

Posted by bruce turnbull, on
For a start, nothing seems to fit the bill. I have an extension that I want to have enlarged (possibly) and converted into an en-suite bedroom. it is single story with a flat roof, there is already a toilet and electrics in the extension but no heating. there would need to be windows installed and some doors moved. So, builder? Tiler? Electrician? Plumber?, carpenter? decorator? window fitter? So when I ask for a quote and have to ask for a trade, nothing comes even close to everything I'm happy to listen to advice and options.
Lewis Woodhouse

Lewis Woodhouse

Hi Bruce, Ideally a builder or building company is what you're looking for to carry out that project. These would oversee from start to finish. The category should be builder/building work. A good and reputable building company will have the trades to call in for the work or have them on there cards. This will cost you slightly more to the alternative which is hiring each trade Individually and over seeing the work yourself! Best wishes. Lewis Manor roofing repairs

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