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Water pipes banging

Posted by Matthew Williams, on
I live in the ground floor flat of a converted 3 story Victorian house. There’s a flat on each floor. I can hear very loud pipe hammering/banging noises from the flat above me, which is he middle flat, constantly throughout the day (when they’re using water obviously) it’s pretty loud. I’ve read above bleeding the system, but how does this work on a converted property? There’s a main coming into the whole property, but then we have our own water supplies for each flat. Is it just the middle flat that needs to turn off their water supply and drain the system or do we need to do the whole house? (all 3 flats?)
Lauren Dyno Plumbing

Lauren Dyno Plumbing

There are any number of reasons an for this problem. In a nutshell the middle flat needs to spend around £150 to sort this out.

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