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Posted by Jonathan Ireland, on
Last year you informed your members that you were making job leads more affordable and fairer for the set budget. Myself and some fellow tradespeople noticed this improvement for a couple of months there after. Why over the past few weeks have the job lead prices rose again? You can’t honestly expect a tradesperson to fork out £12 gross, roughly, for a job lead that had a set budget of £100. The majority of plumbing works are well over £100. To be competitive I quote at this, unless it is a smaller job the quote is less. In saying this, your taking 12% of my profit or more, as quoted above. On top of the rest of the hiked prices. This is a very unreadonable and unethical behaviour towards your trades members! Don’t offer something then take it back!
Brian Harrison

Brian Harrison

Yes, i totally agree with all your comments, but would like to go further..... The unfair way of getting a refund based on 20% of you job leads purchased is clearly not right especially when you cannot contact client or even see the job, i know you cant win them all but if i am able to quote and they choose another, thats fair enough. A good example of my feelings at the moment.... There was a job which has been posted no-one bought it , it was re listed and spot on for me .... But if i paid the £40 ish for the job and couldnt contact them or they have someone else then i'm out of pocket again based on this 20% policy. Unfortunately i didn't buy it.... Everyone loses!
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Another point I have to state, the post code pricing is inappropriate also. So your pricing is different in post code areas but your budgets stay the same? Or in turn, the pricing is higher in one post code compared to another and in turn also the budgets are different. I seen a budget job lead at 500, in another post code the budget for a seperatly job lead was 250. The 250 job lead was more expensive to purchase than the 500 job lead. The plumbing category was the same, not much difference in works, it is not rocket science! I certainly do not charge differently whether you own a large house or a small house, you are a multi millionaire or you are on state benefits! Also, you don’t fully understand trade budgets. You need to re think your budgeting and pricing structures

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