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Dislodged Roof tile.

Posted by Jon Ross, on
Could this be fixed by a handy man/general maintance or is a Roofer essential?
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Jon, If you feel confidant that the person doing it can do it, then go for it. I give you one question to consider when instructing someone to do this kind of work:- WHAT HAPPENS IF HE FALLS OF THE LADDER OR INDEED THE ROOF!! I think you will find that you will be liable. (Is it worth the risk) for one tile. Put the job on rated people with a budget of £100 you may pay as £50 Regards Michael
jason reagan

jason reagan

Hi Jon A roofer is not essential but i would recommend you instruct a qualified roofer as there may be another underlying issue. If its just a straight forward case of re-setting the tile you will pay between £40-£80. At the same time a qualified roofer should give your existing roof a quick look over and advise you of any issues. Regards Jason …

Adrian Green

Hi Jon, Would advise to get a roofer in may be underlying cause of slipped tile. Best, Adrian Freeman and Green
Myles Watts

Myles Watts

Hello Jon. Any professional will know we do not replace tiles without scaffolding unless it can be easily reached. Also if the dropped tile is a ridge or a hip tile, I will advise you to use a roofing contractor. There can be a few reasons why a tile has dropped. If the tile is under the ridge or by a hip then these may well of been cut and a tile may need to be cut again and replaced and bedded on with sand, cement and water proofer. If you can see any loose mortar on your roof then your ridge or hips may need to be repaired because water can penetrate and run down the felt and rot the battens. Which also may be why a tile has dropped. Get in touch if you have any more questions. I hope this has helped.
matthew howden

matthew howden

If it is a simple, straight forward tile replacement, a handyman with the knowledge to do it would suffice. hope this helps

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