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Telephone quotes. If a person phones and asks...

Posted by Alberta Einstine, on
It is not what I need to know. It is what the tradesperson should do when they are given a possible job by you or anyone else. I do NOT accept quotes over the telephone at all as I believe that if they have not viewed the work, then I may be liable for add-ons on top of the blind quote given. You can be told any tale of what may be wrong whilst doing a job you asked them to do but as roofers know, not all people can climb a ladder to check on the possible miserable tale of woe they purport to have found! I am a realist and will not be badgered into accepting quotes if I feel that the person is not 100% reliable nor from one that gives you a quote over the telephone without seeing the work involved. I hope that you will take all I have written on board and accept the fact that although they may be part of your service tradesmen and have paid to have work alerts from you, further checks, I feel, are necessary by you which will eliminate the con men and there are many about as I have seen in the past. At nearly 74, I have experienced it all and, therefore, do NOT take anyone's word or guarantee of work over a telephone. I hope this answers your question as to why I did not respond immediately to Dean Hughes who seems grieved that he may have missed out on the job. The fact that he has complained about it to you says it all. Maybe that will be evidence enough that some are out for money and other work that may not originally be in the estimate or they will FIND something whilst on the job. For that and other reasons already stated, will you please let your workmen know that a telephone quote is not only not received as the true price after work has already been done but purely a sweetener with a low starting estimate to wet a clients appetite! That is all I have to say regarding the matter. You can do what you like with Mr. Hughes. It is your decision to re-imburse him or not. By jumping in and using a low figure without even seeing what has to be done, not taking photographs of the necessary work for the clients to view and ascertain the genuineness of the firm, gives me the creeps. I have already have had one ridiculous quotation which, on speaking to a qualified roofer I just happen to know and giving him the company's name, went down like a wet lettuce and a No, No was uttered. Never trust anyone that you have not met, assessed, considered and especially if they appear to be nothing more than jobbers hoping to make easy cash. This alone lady is not easily fooled having run a business herself. However, she does not have a man about the house and has to trust sites like yours which sometimes do not offer the best possible employees. Once bitten, twice shy and, at 74, do not require the hassle. If the person called Dean Hughes is grumbling about the money it has cost him to pay you your fees, remind him that I am entitled to get at least 3 others to quote and if I choose NOT to employ him, then that is my decision and it is up to him to sort it out with you. However, if you refund all moaning workmen, you would soon be a lot less in pocket, me things!

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