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Soffits an Facias

Posted by Barry Kirk, on
Hi, I have recently had my soffits and fascias replaced. The company carrying out the work have replaced vented soffits with unvented soffits. Please could you comment if this meets current regulation and if it is common practice. My view it has downgraded the specification of the roof Thanks Barry
scott ryan

scott ryan

They could have used over fascia vent which screws to the top of the fascia hope this helps if not I'd recommend installing some type of vent because of possible future condensation problems
Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson

Good Morning Barry Those soffits were vented for a reason . They allow airflow over the timber work in the roof space . This prevents the build of condensation. It is an easy fix as they can drill and fix circular soffit vents. Hope this helps . Thanks Matt
Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson

Hi Barry the purpose of the vented soffit is to provide ventilation for the roof, by removing the vents you have removed the ventilation and could now have the potential for condensation to form in the loft area. You maybe able to drill holes and add vent discs to the soffit or vent tiles to the roof to resolve the issue. Ed

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