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Replacing a flat roof

Posted by Duncan Edment, on
I live on the seafront, in a first floor flat, in a building built c. 1900. The flat has a bay window in the living room, which has a felt roof on it. The roof is leaking, quite badly, and so needs replaced. It was re-felted 2 years ago and painted with a silver reflective paint...required as it's on the seafront, and to reflect the sun. Should the roof last longer than the two years, or is this an indication that it has been shoddily done? To replace the roof, I am looking at taking everything off...wooden base, felt etc...and then re-doing it. However, what is the best substance to put on the roof? I can't put tiles on it, as the building is symmetrical and there would be no tiles at the other side, plus there may be issues with planning / conservation area status. Any advice would be great.
Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon

Bay windows can be tricky, is it definitely the roof that is leaking? It shouldn't leak after 2 yrs, does the water enter by the wall above the opening to the bay, or window? If its the former it could be a problem with brickwork or cladding or even at the eaves of the tiled roof. Its difficult to say without seeing it just hope this gives you a few ideas rgds Mick Approved Rubber Roofing Contractors Ltd

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