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Warm roof fitted on top of concrete

Posted by David Chambers, on
My kitchen extension has a solid concrete roof 6" thick by 11ft lomg x4ft wide. This cold weather has shown up the problems with it. Freezing cold kitchen . The roof is sound with no leaks or faults but has no insulation. I would like to turn it in to a 'warm' roof by building a new roof on top of it. I have to walk on the roof a couple of times a year to empty and clean gutters as it is a two story house.
Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon

Hi David, Apologies for the slow reply I've only just checked ask an expert, the best solution is as follows and will comply with building regs (an absolute must these days). If the existing felt is sound then overlay fully adhered insulation Kingspan TR27 150mm with 6by2 timbers to perimeter edges. Install 300mm deep upvc fascias to cover concrete and insulation upstand. Fit gutters and waterproofing membrane, we use EPDM with a 20yr guarantee. Fit trims and flashings. Need to look out for waste pipes etc we have done quite a few like this, I like to think it turns a concrete outhouse into a flat roofed extension. Rgds Mick Approved Rubber Roofing Contractors Ltd

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