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Full roof survey pre-purchase

Posted by John , on
I'm buying a 1930s semi-. Before I buy it the roof needs full investigation including roof structure, timbers, chimney, soffit/fascias. What's the best approach to take in order to understand the full extent of works required. I will have a damp/timber survey carried out as well, as roof currently has many defects and I'm expecting the worst. May even budget for full roof replacement.
Derek McCormack

Derek McCormack

To use rated people they charge us as contractors to purchase a lead so it is unlikely someone would purchase a lead, come and view the property for free. If you state in the advert that you are willing to cover purchase cost and time then you are more likely to receive a response from a genuine contractor.
Andrew Pae

Andrew Pae

Hi John, without seeing your roof, I can not comment on it fully, however it is an age related thing, and it could well be time for renewal. An experienced roofing contractor can carry out a survey and inform you of what is required. hope this helps. Andrew.

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