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Urgent Flat Roof Repairs

Posted by Barbara McDonald, on
I have two leaks in different areas of my bedroom from a EPDM flat roof which was installed only 3 years ago and has a 10 year guarantee. I have made several attempts to get the roofing company who installed the flat roof to repair it over the past two weeks, but they keep avoiding my calls. I need the roof repairing before further damage is caused to my home so how do I get the company responsible to carry out the repairs?
Christopher Debieux

Christopher Debieux

Put it in writing that you wish them to attend to the issue, state that you expect a reply or contact to be made within 7 days, state also that if they do not respond then you will pursue the matter in a small claims court, send letter by recorded delivery. Don't be fobbed off, also contact CAB for free legal advise, very helpful.
stephen reed

stephen reed

Hi Barbara, I could have a look for you if you like I specialise in flat roofing different types of rubbers and felts

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