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Bonding Gutter.

Posted by Adam Lawrence, on
I have an older 1930s property with a tiled roof. My neighbour has a slate roof and a leak has developed between the two. Currently my tiles overlap his slate and then it's pointed with no bonding gutter. It's been like this for many years without issue. Is it essential to now install a bonding gutter or is it OK to just repoint? Also when installing a bonding gutter should the front and back of the house be done at the same time? Thanks
john lee

john lee

Bonding gutters are really good and no maintenance solution to most problems that arise in these situations Cementing it is a really old way and not a permanent solution I would also recommend doing both front and back as it would work out cheaper but only if affordable These have to be installed correctly and by a professional Many thanks John Roofsmart systems ltd

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