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Window locks

Posted by Jen Williamson, on
We have moved into a new house with uPVC windows which have push down locks which take keys. Unfortunately the previous owner has lost/removed all the keys. How can we go about getting these replaced? Do we need to have new locks fitted? Would this be a job for a window specialist or a locksmith? Thanks
Steven Costigan

Steven Costigan

you need a window repair company like "the windows doctor" or a company who do repairs. In all probability you will require new locks and possibly handles
Andy Thornton

Andy Thornton

Hi Jen, Most window locks are very simple and therefor not the best with this in mind I would recommend you try a couple of window showrooms they will more than likely give you them for free. Hope the above was of use for you. Regards Andy Thornton
Gary Hill

Gary Hill

hi Jen,if they are push button to lock they need replacing as they are a fire risk.They are pretty easy to break open as it is only a small piece of alloy locking it in place.The cheapest way is get a handle off check length of off ebay and fit yourself only 2 can do this for about £5 a handle rather than £30 the locksmith will want cheers Gary
Dave Claringbould

Dave Claringbould

Hi,most double glazing company's have a variety Of keys,locate one and ask them If you can buy a variation, if not the handles can be Changed relatively easy,hope this helps, regards Dave DC builders

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