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08 Feb 2011


AVOID AT ALL COSTS My first mistake was to ignore an earlier scathing review. I only required tiling, all tanking was completed in advance, so decided to overlook the questionable plumbing/electrical feedback in a previous review. My experiences and the behaviour described appear to be entirely consistent though. Alex completed the tiling of the wet room to a poor level – he was unable to deliver a level tiled surface in a number of areas despite a fully Marmoxed room to work with. The toilet could not be fitted to the frame as the tiling was so inaccurate there was an enormous amount of rocking. The most serious problem was his inability to lay a level floor, critical in a wet room, and we have a number of areas of pooling. Having been given a perfectly level tile friendly Hardibacker surface to start with this is inexcusable. He agreed to return and rectify these faults, came back, smashed out several tiles on the walls and the floor then disappeared never to be seen again. At the time he claimed he needed to go and pick up some tile adhesive which seemed reasonable. A few minutes after he left I noticed he had taken his tile cutter which of course he would have needed on his return. This set alarm bells ringing. I looked at the wet room more carefully and knew that was going to be the last I would see of him. When removing the tiles from the floor he had damaged the under-floor heating cables. He made a clumsy effort to disguise the fact with some tape before his exit. After a couple of hours I received a text message claiming that he had been involved in an accident and that he would be in touch. After several days of ignored calls and messages I sent an email and received a reply claiming that his phone had been stolen and this was the reason his unresponsiveness. He promised to come the following Friday to finish the job. Needless to say he failed to show up, ignored calls, text messages and emails throughout the day. I knew he was in possession of his phone and proved the fact by getting my partner to call from a number he would not recognise. She was promised a call back by his partner – of course it never came.

, RH1

05 May 2009

Bathroom fitter

A very well done job, flexible approach to bathroom design, and offered useful suggestions as to how to achieve the finished look etc. I am more than happy with how the job was done, and the finished bathroom.

, TW11

03 Dec 2008

Bathroom fitter

I would advise not to use this person to fit a bathroom. My bathroom was completed for 1 day, and then a leak originating from under the bath resulted in water coming through my kitchen ceiling, subsequently bringing down. Alex did come out at the time to help, but it was at this point that he told me that he did not have any insurance, and offered to pay the excess on my household insurance. I considered the leak to be â??one of those things that could happenâ?? at the time. Since then, he has been back a few times to try to fix the toilet cistern that was constantly filling. We then had a problem with the overflow from the tank, this might not have been connected to the other work, but Alex obviously felt that he still owed us, as he did come back, after some chasing. He fitted a new ball cock, the following day, the problem was worse, and water was overflowing more regularly than it was before he fitted the ball cock. We have tried to contact him again, but by now I have very little faith in this manâ??s work. Last night I had a professional plumber come to have a look, and found out that the lid was left off of my tank, the stop cock was leaking and the ball cock was not fitted correctly; in turn, these would have caused the same problem that affected my kitchen, the result being that the hallway ceiling would have been brought down. The worst was to come. When my new bathroom was fitted, I had an old electric shower removed, this 40 amp live wire was still live and just laying in the loft, and could have had deadly consequences. The insulation that had been removed to get to the wiring and plumbing, was all in a heap, and not put back. The insulation had been removed from pipes and not been put back on. Lastly a heated towel rail was installed and run off a 1.5 light amp, which would have burnt out as the voltage was too low. The cable had been pulled so lightly, when trying to inspect it, it pulled the landing light wire out, so had to be rewired. The electric towel rail has been fitted in the bathroom with an electric plug and switch, again not legally correct for a bathroom. We have some general faults that ordinarily I would not be too bothered by, but when you add those to the list above, I actually wonder what I have paid for. I was not going to add a review after the kitchen ceiling incident, but now feel strongly that with the additional discoveries that others need to be aware of what could happen to them. One big piece of advise, check with whoever you have to do any work for you, that they are insured. This would immediately show how professional they are. It would be worth paying more for piece of mind

, KT19

01 Dec 2008

Bathroom fitter

Good client to work for and very hospitable made the job pleasing to do.

, SW19

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