Cost and Benefits


We charge a simple membership fee with an additional fee for every lead you wish to quote on.
Our current membership is just £15 per month (or £120 for 12 months, saving you £60). A membership to Rated People includes:

  1. Full access to over 60,000 job leads every month
  2. Free credit to spend on leads to help you get started winning work (credit expires after the first month)
  3. 100 free SMS alerts so you can start receiving leads when you are out and about
  4. Our free mobile app so you can buy and manage job leads on the go
  5. Your own profile page to showcase your qualifications and ratings to new customers
  6. Additional savings and benefits from our many trade partners
  7. No long-term commitment, no contract, cancel at any time

Job leads

As part of your membership, we send you the leads that match your specified work area and trade. Each job lead includes the customer’s job description, estimated budget and postcode as well as the price to buy the full customer details so you can contact them to quote.

The price of a job lead varies with an average of £15+VAT and is based on the job’s size, scope, location and demand for the skills required to carry it out.

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Why should I use Rated People?

Our service is better than word of mouth and directories for 5 reasons:

  1. No waiting for the phone to ring
    Get a continuous supply of job leads to choose from all year round matching your specified trade, skills and location
  2. Showcase your work
    Use your personal profile to share your company information, qualifications and photos of past work with potential customers
  3. Grow your reputation
    Your ratings and profile serve as your online word of mouth and help you win new customers
  4. Fill gaps in your diary
    During periods when you’re less busy, use our site to win work & widen your customer base
  5. Find work on the go
    Use our mobile app & SMS alerts to buy and manage job leads when you’re out and about


How do you justify the cost of your service?

Our tradesmen report that, on average, they win 1 in every 3 job leads they purchase. With an average homeowner budget of £1,333 and an average cost of £15 per lead, that’s a return of 30 times your money.

Also, when you win a job you may well get a customer for life, which means that for a relatively small introductory fee you can secure a good deal of future work. Many jobs also lead to other projects if the customer is satisfied with the work.

Many tradesmen have grown and launched their business with the help of Rated People. To view their testimonials and see how they did it click here.

Want to know more?

There are lots of tradesmen already using Rated People, see what they have to say here,
or visit our FAQs for more information.