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5 jobs for late summer

It’s easy to put work aside while the sun shines, but what happens when the summer slips by without you doing all those jobs you need to do while it’s fine and dry? There are some jobs that are best to get done before the summer‘s out, especially when they require a fair bit of outdoor labour time. So, plan and budget well, draw up your plans and get going while the weather‘s on our side.

Here are our top five jobs to complete before the summer finishes.

Storage space

Organised garage

Once the summer comes to an end, you’ll need somewhere to store the furniture, barbecue, paddling pool and sun umbrellas (as well as the summer soft top or motorbike, if you’re lucky enough). So, a well organised and clean garage with solid security doors is a must for those who have the space. A good builder should be able to knock your current garage into shape, or even build you a whole new one if your property is eligible for its construction. Storage is key, so a carpenter or joiner can put in bespoke units to hold your beach gear, DIY tools, and that Swingball you keep meaning to use. By storing items according to when you’re likely to use them, it’ll be far quicker to get to what you need, when you need it. New doors will freshen up the look of the front of your garage and home, whether they’re wooden double doors or a high-security pull-down with automated opening.

Shed in the autumn

If you’ve got a smaller home, revamping your shed, or building a new one, is a great alternative to a garage renovation as you won’t need to ask your builder to build into your house or extend it. Sheds can be basic storage units or actual furnished living spaces – they’re a versatile build for your home – and like a garage, they’ll help you to organise your belongings all year round.

Extend while the sun shines

Home extensions are one of the best ways to add value and space to your home. It may seem a shame to disrupt the garden and the back of your home during the summer, but we’ve enjoyed an unusually long and hot few months, so there’s no better time to tackle it before the rain starts falling. Your builder should be able to advise you on permitted development and building regulations, but you can get an idea yourself by viewing the government’s Planning Portal.


Having a conservatory installed before summer’s out means that the work will go much smoother without the interruption of the winter weather, and you’ll also get the bonus of being able to extend your summer as the days get shorter and the light becomes more scarce. We want to get more natural light into our home as the season turns, and a conservatory can provide this as it tends to face the sunniest part of the garden, and it offers a mix of sunlight and shade as the day goes on.

Sunny conservatory

Adding in heating will allow you to enjoy your new conservatory year-round since high ceilings and glass walls can cause heat to escape fast. As a potential conservatory owner, you have several ways to keep yourself warm. Electric radiators are popular, and they don’t require you to change your heating pipework. They also turn on and turn off quickly, so they’re hassle-free and efficient for you to use only when you need them. Don’t exclude the possibility of gas heating though – connecting your conservatory to the central heating system is a big task, but it would be a great long-term investment. This doesn’t have to be hard: there are local tradespeople looking to install heating equipment of your choice, and they’re ready to give you their best advice on what would work for your property. As well as gas heating, they’ll be able to give you advice on air conditioning and underfloor heating.

Get paving

Whether it’s re-laying a patio or installing a new driveway, paving and block paving work is always best done in the dry. There’s a lot of work in digging, laying down foundations and weed-proofing, and it’s always easier to do when it’s not raining. Well-planned work by a good tradesperson can be carried out in just a few days, which means you get to enjoy the results and get back to enjoying the pleasant weather without much disruption.

Window work

Window fitters at work

Those cracked or rattling windows may have been providing a welcome breeze during the heat of summer, but they won’t keep your home warm in the winter months. Summer is a great time to get windows fixed and the frames tightened or repaired. A glazier or a window-fitter will help you resolve problems and ensure that your home’s draught-free come October. Leaving in place cracked windows and window frames means delaying emergency work for winter, by which time you’ll be paying call-out charges on top of the maintenance costs. So for your peace of mind, it’s best to get it done as soon as possible. We spend more time in our homes during the winter months because of the cold, the wet weather, and the early nightfall, and doing some of these end of summer jobs means you’ll enjoy a warm and comfortable home all season.

Iain Aitch

Iain is a London-based writer who works as a journalist for a number of newspapers and magazines. He has also written two books, one of which is a hilarious lexicon about Britishness – Iain is a Brit through and through!

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