Bathroom renovation story with Abdul and Piratheesh

Bathroom renovation: behind the scenes with Abdul and Piratheesh

Welcome to our new three-part series where we take you behind the scenes on some Rated People jobs. Meet some of our vetted tradespeople and the lovely homeowners who hired them to makeover or improve their properties. In this first episode, you’ll see the before and after of a bathroom renovation job.

In this story, we meet our tradesperson, Abdul from Experie, and new homeowner, Piratheesh. Experie have been with Rated People for over three years and in addition to bathrooms, they specialise in extensions, basements and loft conversions.

This is Piratheesh’s first home and he wants it to be just right so he’s called in Abdul for a complete bathroom renovation. He wants new vanity units, new fixtures and fittings, lighting, a new bath, plus a new radiator. He also wants two types of tiles, so the space between the bath area and the rest of the bathroom is divided cleanly.

What rating will Piratheesh give Abdul? Will he be satisfied with the results?

Watch how Abdul works with Piratheesh to bring his dream bathroom to life.

You can visit Abdul and Experie’s profile page, here.

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