Don’t let festive disasters ruin your holidays

The festive season is on its way, and with Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, plenty of homeowners around the UK are planning parties, dinners, and family reunions to celebrate the holidays.

To fully enjoy the upcoming festivities, it’s a good idea to be aware of common disasters that tend to occur during the holiday period. From fire hazards to electrical mayhem, we’ve got you covered, so you can celebrate worry-free.


Picture of a living room with christmas tree and christmas decorations including red stockings over fireplace

Keep your Christmas tree safe from fire hazards

While a beautifully adorned Christmas tree adds to the holiday spirit, it can also pose a significant fire risk if you don’t take care of it properly. One of the most common mishaps during this time of year is a dry Christmas tree igniting into flames. To prevent this from happening, make sure you water yours regularly.

And if you need an extra hand to move and set up your tree safely, why not hire a reliable handyperson to give you a hand?


Prep your oven for the holiday cooking frenzy

With guests pouring in and holiday feasts on the horizon, your oven is about to become the star of the show. When was the last time you gave your oven a thorough check or clean though?

A malfunctioning oven can quickly turn your cooking dreams into a disaster. Prevent potential cooking calamities by ensuring your oven is in top-notch condition. Hire a professional cleaner or maintenance specialist to check your oven is prepared for the festivities ahead.

Picture of an oven with the oven door open and the oven light on

Avoid open-flame disasters

While candles can add a warm, festive ambiance to your home, they also pose a significant risk of fire if not handled with care.

To prevent potential disasters, ensure that candles are placed in stable holders and are never left unattended. Opt for flameless alternatives where possible, especially in households with children or pets.

Picture of a candle on a cut piece of log with a christmas tree in the background

Don’t overload your sockets

Christmas is the time for bright festive lights, from fairy lights to electric decorations, but trust us when we say overloading your sockets is a recipe for electrical disasters.

Too many plugs in one socket can lead to sparks, tripped circuits, and even a full-blown house fire. Stay safe by spreading the load and make sure to carefully inspect decorative lighting for any signs of damage or frayed wires before use.

Most importantly, consult an electrician to ensure your electrical system is up to scratch. Click below to get your electrics reviewed by a skilled professional.


Picture of an overloaded plug socket extension

The festive season is all about joy, laughter, and making memories. Don’t let avoidable disasters put a damper on your celebrations. Stay vigilant, take precautions, and when in doubt, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

Post your job now and find the best tradespeople to help you keep your home safe and sound during the holidays.


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