How to embrace hygge decor this winter

Winter brings with it a desire for warmth and comfort. Embracing the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ can help you transform your home into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Read on for some tips on how you can infuse your living spaces with the spirit of hygge interior design, so you can turn your home into a cosy winter haven.

Picture of a living room with fireplace and a white sofa with grey throw over it

What is Hygge interior design?

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes a feeling of cosiness. It embodies the act of enjoying the simple things in life. Hygge interior design focuses on creating warm, cosy and inviting spaces that promote relaxation and comfort.

You can achieve this by incorporating soft textures, warm lighting, natural materials and minimalistic interior design features in order to create a peaceful and welcoming environment.

What better time to embrace all the positive qualities of hygge than in the winter, when a warm and inviting home environment can make it easier to brave the colder and darker months?

Read on to find out how you can incorporate hygge interior design into your home…

Picture of a living room in hygge minimalistic style with white sofa and coffee table

1. Incorporate warm and soft lighting

Hygge interior design embraces the use of warm, soft lighting to create cosy and inviting spaces. To incorporate ambient lighting, consider warm-toned lightbulbs and dimmable switches that can be adjusted depending on the time of day to create different moods.

Fairy lights are also a good addition, as is the warm glow created by candles. You can also use accent lights to create a focal point, such as a cosy reading nook, or even to spotlight minimalistic artwork that matches your new hygge aesthetic.

Soft lighting is crucial in the winter to turn dark rooms into cosy environments. Speak to an electrician today to get started.


Picture of a bedroom with hygge interior design, including a black bookshelf, a round mirror and a basket of books by the bed

2. Minimise the clutter

At the heart of hygge interior design is the importance of creating a minimalistic, clutter-free environment. Simple, functional furniture and an emphasis on storage solutions helps to foster a sense of calm. This can include adding decorative baskets, hidden storage compartments and multi-functional furniture that doubles as extra storage units.

By keeping belongings out of sight, you can promote a serene atmosphere that will encourage a cosy and peaceful state of mind. For tips on how to cut the clutter, read our guide on decluttering, or if you want to introduce better storage solutions, read our clever space saving design tips.

Decluttering your home? Why not hire a professional cleaner to deep clean your home for the winter season?


Picture of a bedroom with rust coloured bed sheets on ed and brown panelboard

3. Add cosy textiles

Soft, comforting textiles are a hallmark of hygge interior design. Incorporate cushions and plush throw blankets in a range of natural, earthy tones to create a warm, inviting atmosphere and visual interest in your living spaces. You could get:

  • A soft faux fur or chunky knit throw for your sofa or armchair
  • Warm, woven rugs for your living room or bedroom
  • A dark brown wooden coffee table with one or two statement pieces on it
  • Dark green, beige or brown cushions for your sofa

Always opt for neutral and earthy colour palettes as these create a soothing harmony, regardless of whether you’re decorating your bathroom or kitchen.

Embrace shades of grey, warm beiges, and muted earth tones like terracotta, sage green and dusty blue in your interior design to add warmth, richness and a sense of depth to your spaces. Natural materials and greenery will also help you to create a peaceful vibe.

In the winter, it gets dark earlier, meaning that many homeowners retreat indoors to comfort shows and books. Turn your home into the perfect, cosy haven for evening entertainment with hygge interior design.

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Picture of a hygge interior design living room with a sofa and a large yellow painting

Hygge interior design lends itself to a cosy winter spent curled up with a book or entertaining friends in an atmosphere that promotes calm and togetherness.

Want to decorate your home the hygge way? Speak to a local tradesperson today to get started on your new home decor.


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