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Budget-friendly home design ideas that look expensive

White kitchen with stool at a bar section and gold hanging lamps

Give your home a high-end look without spending too much money

Ever been wowed by beautiful interior design photos on social media and wondered how you could recreate them without blowing your budget? Expensive looking home decoration ideas aren’t always as costly as they seem. A sleek style looks good and can be fairly affordable to achieve when you know how.

Recreate the home design you want within your budget! If you’ve got expensive taste, give these home improvement projects a go.

Choose neutral colours

Picture of a bedroom with white walls and furniture

You can’t go wrong with neutral colours! It’s like the little black dress of the interior design world. A neutral palette looks sophisticated and minimalistic. In fact, it’s so popular that it made it into the top 20 of our home design trends of 2022, and can add over £5,000 of value to your home. Create contrast by pairing whites and beiges with blacks and dark browns. Add texture with nature-inspired decor like foliage.

All it takes is a simple painting or wallpaper transformation and you’ll have created a luxurious space.

To make this job even easier, find a decorator to do it for you by posting a job on Rated People.


Add stripes and patterns

Picture of a bedroom with striped black and white walls

If you’re a maximalist at heart and can’t quite make full neutral decor work for you, add some variety with stripes and patterns. Whether coloured naturally or boldly, stripes and patterns add depth and interest to interior design.

Plus, stripes add space to a room. Often it’s the illusion of space that creates the expensive feel to home design. This can work for tight budgets because you can paint just one wall in a room and still enjoy the benefits.

Fake your build-in furniture

Picture of a living room with floor to ceiling bookshelves

Built-in furniture definitely looks high-end. But you don’t have to pay a hefty price tag to get the same effect. Use off-the-shelf pieces and adapt them to your space so they look built-in. The easiest type of furniture to adapt are IKEA flatpacks.

Bookcases can also look really good if you set them up floor to ceiling. Don’t worry if you don’t have that many books! Decorative bookcases are a design feature in their own right.

Replace soft furnishings

Picture of a living room with beige curtains and sofa

Curtains, cushions, and other soft materials tend to wear out first. So refreshing your soft furnishings will really elevate the room. To buy replacements on a budget, check out discount stores and interior design sales. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for sample sales.

If you’re crafty, try upcycling your soft furnishings yourself to give them a high-end finish.

Add light and space with mirrors

Picture of a living room with a large mirror

Mirrors aren’t just functional, they can elevate a space too. As with neutral decor and patterned walls, mirrors add space to a room and also brighten it. So, add decorative mirrors to your interior design for a fashionable look.

A vintage second-hand mirror will do the trick!

Making cost-effective interior design styles a reality

Picture of a neutral living space with white walls and wooden floors

You don’t need to overhaul your current interior design to create a home that feels luxurious. Small intentional changes make a big difference. Always keep an eye out for vintage and second-hand decor! Plan out what is suitable for you and then get started with the help of our tradespeople by posting a job on Rated people.


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