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Exposed brick work, low-hanging lights, stainless steel and visible beams – the loft style has firmly positioned itself as an it-look for the past seasons. This design doesn’t have to be restricted to converted factories or former industrial buildings, with a few details here and there, a home can easily achieve that New York-cool feel.

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What defines the industrial loft style is an open space that flatters the original features, such as stripped floors, exposed beams and steel-frame furniture. As it’s supposed to be rough around the edges, this is a dream for homeowners on a budget – they don’t even have to paint the walls.  However, if you feel that a house isn’t proper without wallpaper, we’d suggest investing in this distressed faux-wood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek. It’s not a bargain, but it will definitely nail the shabby-chic atmosphere.

Disregarding Piet Hein Eek’s pricey designs, the industrial look is definitely recession-friendly. Trawl vintage shops for retrieved furniture and ask around friends and family for unwanted items. Old school desks, traditional desk lamps and metallic chairs are key pieces to look out for.

Mix up bright colours with monochrome walls and steel accents. Throws, vases and paintings or posters are details that can liven up a room so it doesn’t look cold. The industrial style is often minimalist and clean, which means that any accessories should be kept to a minimum. Using wooden chairs, tables and shelves on the other hand, can be a good idea achieve a warmer look, so as not to turn the industrial to clinical.

Industrial kitchen from

For the kitchen, focus on peeling paint, bright tiles, open shelves and materials such as metal, wood and stone. A stainless steel worktop however, is more functional and will stand the test of time compared to a wooden worktop that needs oiling. To avoid a monotonous colour schemes add innovative and fun details. Wells Restoration recommends using tin cans for herbs or an US mailbox for bread.

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