Exteriors are the new interiors!

Phil Spencer today announced an exciting new concept in eco-homesteads.  Building on the success of his Channel 4 vehicle “Big Fat Gypsy Location, Location, Location”, in which cheeky traveller Jemima Grundlehack wowed Britain with a traditional Gypsy kitchen that was literally gaffer-taped to the side of her caravan, Phil today launched his new company “Inside-Out” which offers an extraordinary range of furniture and fittings that can be bolted to the outside walls of your humble abode.

Phil loves cash
Phil has never failed at business.

The range includes everyday domestic staples that are normally firmly kept behind brick walls, including a sleek kitchenette-on-a-balcony, an eco-flushing toilet on a hoist and of course a cellar that can be mounted on the roof.

“I realised that people have a lot of clutter in their house.  I myself have a Nintendo Wii, a PS3 and an xBox 360 in my living room.  That leaves hardly any space for bookshelves and occasional tables.  I thought that there had to be a way to keep all the usual domestic frappery yet still have space for all the things that we actually feel are important,” Phil explained from his windowsill sofa.  “Jemima’s exterior kitchen made me realise that there’s all this untapped surface area available on the outside of your house just begging to be exploited.”

Phil showed us around a show home which makes full use of his new range.  We were wowed by the amount of space freed up for modern living.  It’s amazing how much floorspace you reclaim when you strap your wardrobe to the chimney.

Will Phil’s vision be taken up by the population at large?  Phil thinks so.  “We’ve already had well over three orders for our bath-on-the-porch, and my friend Tony said he likes the look of the window fridge, even if it does cut out the light a bit.”

We here at Rated People think he’s onto a winner and are considering his “Inside-Out for Businesses” range that’s due to be launched next year. Desks suspended fifty feet over the pavement below might sound daunting, but think of how much bean-bag space we’ll reclaim!

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