Landlords – make sure your properties are ‘gas safe’

Landlords have to be aware of their responsibility as far as gas safety is concerned, which could mean plumbers in Liverpool and other parts of the UK are needed.

Jeff Learman, director of communications at Gas Safety Register, observed many property owners are not deliberately avoiding annual checks. Instead, he added many of them are not aware there is a “legal requirement” on their part to do so, as a “level of ignorance” does exist.

“It’s important for the person that lives in that house to know their rights, to know how to turn off the gas supply,” Mr Learman observed. The specialist continued by saying that people living in rented accommodation should know how the process works.

Mr Learman recently stated complacency is a big issue within the sector, as over 50 per cent of those surveyed in the north-west of England admitted they do not get their equipment checked out every year.

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