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Moroccan inspired interior design

If you’re looking for interior design inspiration, why not indulge in warm Moroccan hues, perfect for those summer nights. Moroccan style is all about colour and texture, complemented by muted lighting. Traditional Moroccan interiors are often dark and cosy but for a modern twist, light walls and accent colours for soft furnishings is a great way to get the Moroccan look with a contemporary feel.

Picture of a moroccan inspired living room

Earthy colours all work well: brick dust reds and yellow ochres are perfect teamed with golds or silvers. Rich and opulent is the concept, but balance is the key to avoid the Bollywood look!

Picture of a seating area with Moroccan inspired decor

To maintain continuity – which will help avoid the temptation to over do it – pick 3 to 4 key colours and use them in moderation.

When done well, Moroccan interiors are inspirational and luxurious, often eclectic and full of hidden treasures but this is not a look that can be achieved over night, or rushed into. A mood board is a must to avoid ethnic over-kill.

Start by selecting your colour palette, then select focal points to accentuate in the room. A few key features are all you need; mirrors and statement furniture pieces will give your room that wow factor, but remember all in moderation.

This living room is rustic and simple, with a few token featured decorations in a soft, cream and wood colour palette. The use of simple, muted and understated furnishings make the below room feel clean and contemporary.

Picture of a moroccan inspired and themed living room

This sofa is opulent and sticks to a well-coordinated colour palette of dark wine red and turquoise. These dramatic, bright colours give this room a wow factor, whilst still paying homage to its oriental inspiration!

Picture of a oriental inspired sofa

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