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Natural colours for indoor spaces: the 2021 edition

Get back to nature, with colour

Modern lounge with green feature wall and contemporary furniture.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were freed from a string of nationwide lockdowns and were able to welcome back the fresh, vibrant sights of the natural world. During the lockdowns lots of us became our own interior designers and handy-men – picking up paint brushes, strapping on overalls, and playing the part of painter and decorator.

Now, that was fun for a while, but if the novelty has worn off it might be time to call in the professionals!

Young couple painting a wall blue together inside their new home.

Being forced to stay indoors made us long for fresh air and open spaces; so some of us created new little sanctuaries for ourselves inside our homes and gardens so we could feel closer to nature again. One way of doing this was by bringing natural colours into our homes with earth-toned walls and green and brown furniture.

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Colour trends in time

Lounge decorated in green and brown, with plants placed on either side of a sofa.

Today, the natural world is inspiring our colour scheme choices in a big way. Mental well-being has played an important role in the natural colour trend, it’s motivated us to transform our living spaces, focusing on warm earth tones as well as jewel-themed shades.

Colours like Emerald Green and Cobalt Blue are the clear front runners for most popular 2021 interior design colours. Warm earth tones such as mustard yellow and burnt orange have also emerged as sort after colour choices for 2021.

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