Garden inspiration: garden teepee trellis

Picture of a garden teepee trellis using bamboo

As the weather gets nicer, lots of us are planning on spending more time in our gardens. And what better way to upgrade your outdoor space than with a little gardening? Dazzle your guests with something unique like a teepee trellis for climbing plants and veggies. They’re easy to DIY, and could be a fun summer project!

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! Our skilled gardeners are ready to help, simply post a job today to get started.


What is a teepee trellis?

A teepee trellis is a cone shaped plant support that helps climbing plants and produce grow. They’re used to train your plants to grow vertically rather than across the ground. This helps maximise your available garden space, allowing you to grow a wide variety of plants and veggies, even if you have a small backyard. They also make it easier to harvest your fruit and veg!

Picture of a garden teepee trellis growing plants

How do you make a teepee trellis?

If you want to DIY your garden teepee trellis, we recommend you use 4 to 6 ft long poles, made out of either bamboo poles, wood, metal rods or PVC pipes. You’ll also need rope or twine to tie them together.

To make a teepee trellis, you need to arrange your poles in a pyramid or cone shape. You can either use 4 poles (arrange them in a square shape with the tips meeting at the top) or 6 poles (in a hexagonal shape).

Once you’ve planted the sticks in the shape you want, tie the tops together using rope. You might also want to tie the bottoms together. This stops the sticks from shifting apart and adds extra stability to your teepee garden trellis. You can also add crossbars (horizontal sticks between the vertical poles) to make your teepee even sturdier.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you’re guiding your climbing plants towards the teepee as they grow by using plant ties or soft twine to secure the plant to the trellis. Want someone to build your vegetable garden teepee trellis for you? Speak to a local gardener to get started.


Picture of a gardener building a teepee trellis

What can you grow on a teepee trellis?

The great thing about teepee trellises is that they can help you grow a huge range of climbing plants and produce! The below are a few options to inspire you…

Climbing plants and flowering vines

  1. Morning glories: A beautiful flowering plant that is easy to grow and will add a pop of vibrant colour to your garden (clematis is another vibrant choice, and they grow in a range of colours and shapes)
  2. Nasturtiums: A trailing plant with a super attractive flower (plus the leaves are edible)!
  3. Passionflower: A fast growing plant with an intricate flower that can add an exotic look to your garden. Some varieties even produce passion fruit!

Looking for something scented? Jasmine is a great choice with a very aromatic flower that will make your garden a fragrant hot-spot this summer. You could go with common jasmine, or the star jasmine – both grow well on teepee trellis structures.


  1. Pole beans, runner beans or climbing peas: they naturally wind around poles making them an easy and delicious choice for your teepee trellis
  2. Cucumbers: keep your cucumbers off the ground (and prevent them from rotting) by growing them on your trellis. The good news is that cucumbers are great climbers!
  3. Sweet peas: colourful and scented, sweet peas will add vibrancy and fragrance to your garden

A sturdy plant trellis would also allow you to grow a good variety of other produce too, including small melons, squash, courgette, kiwi’s and even tomatoes. Consider an alternative trellis structure for heavier fruit and veg to ensure the right level of plant support. You could opt for a:

  • Caged trellis
  • Vertical trellis
  • Trellis panels

These designs are all DIY friendly and are particularly good for growing tomatoes, a popular option for budding UK gardeners!

Picture of a teepee trellis in a vegetable garden patch

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your garden to the next level with a teepee trellis and fill your outdoor space with blooming flowers and tasty fruit and veg this summer. Or, request a quote today to speak to a skilled gardener in your local area.


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