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10s of thousands of tradespeople use Rated People to find work every year. Here are some of their latest reviews.

Rob Makvand
Fast Electrics 24/7
Definitely 5 stars for this company.

I work as a qualified electrician through Rated People and I would say it’s the best ever. Such lovely costumer service, especially Jack.

Since working with them, I make much more money than before and it’s the best way to invest in finding more and more customers.

Many thanks guys.”

Alan Mollloy
For Ever Homes
“We have used Rated People for a number of years as a regular source of business.

The whole process, from the minute we signed up, has been incredibly easy and professional, and the quality of leads is very high.

Add to this that we have found the levels of customer service to be exceptional, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommended Rated People to other tradespeople.”

Jordan Hughes
“I’ve used Rated People for 2 to 3 years now and I have been so happy working alongside them to achieve the very best as a business.

Very friendly team and I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business if it wasn’t for this team of professionals alongside me.

From creating a great profile to bringing in enough work for me to make a living.

Thank you so much !!!”
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Michael Schewtschuk
MS4 Plumbing
“Our short time with RP has been very productive. We have joined RP as a means to feed our team of engineers with a varied work range to improve their skill set and customer service standards. The multitude of projects, large and small, that are available through RP seems too be endless.

Within a short period of time, we’ve upgraded our monthly payment package effortlessly which has given us more freedom to purchase leads large and small. Our Account Manager, Jack, has kept in regular contact via email and is taking time to call and discuss how best to mould the account to our specific preferences. Whether that be the level of lead purchasing we have and also the different trade options we are able to cover with our small team.

To summarise, Rated People has been an excellent option for our business.”
“I joined Rated People 7 years ago when they were recommended by a friend.

I started off with no ratings and not so great vans but after each job I completed with Rated People, my 5 stars ???? soon added up. My vans improved and so did my salary.

I intend to keep expanding my business and continue to receive 5 star rating reviews. I’m over the moon that Rated People took time and effort to film my company in action, which shows how far I’ve progressed and how professional I am.

I am only interested in working for Rated People and I don’t work for any other company.

Jack, my Account Manager, gives me reassurance and we have more of a workmate relationship. He is always very helpful in every situation and I’m very happy to continue building my relationship with Rated People.”
I’ve been with Rated People for two years and they have helped me grow a lot of return trade, along with the new leads I buy.

I actually started my whole business with Rated People. Before that I worked for a company, so realistically it was all about Rated People and nothing else.

Some weeks I use it as a top up, and other weeks I rely on it for my business.

I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for Rated People, that’s really the be-all.

I spend thousands a year with Rated People, I could put this into any advertising but a lot of the jobs which came through, I probably wouldn’t want to do. With Rated People I only choose the jobs I actually want to do.”
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Rated People are an integral part of my business and I’ve used them since my business started nearly 4 years ago.

There hasn’t been one week where I haven’t bought at least one lead and I’ve secured many jobs over the years.

My business wouldn’t be as successful without Rated People and I look forward to a continued working relationship in the future.”
“I started using Rated People in 2017. I was looking for a way to grow my business online and be introduced to new customers. Since working with them I have had a consistent flow of work coming through every month. I’m very proud of my reviews on the site, and excited to reach 100 5-star ratings very soon. The Rated People team have encouraged me to become a premium member with them, where I receive dedicated support from my Account Manager who is always on hand when I need him.

Rodi Mirza
Relm Interiors Ltd
Rated People has helped Relm Interiors grow in many ways.

We have gained many loyal and valuable customers over the years.

Our business revenue has flourished thanks to Rated People, and we continue to attract reputable customers.”
Access 75,000 leads a month and build your reputation online.
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“When I started with Rated People I was a one man band, my work came only through word of mouth or builders that I knew.

Since starting with Rated People I’ve now grown to a small business with multiple employees, covering a larger area.

The best thing about Rated People is being able to pick the work when I want it and not waiting for the phone to ring.

I’m only advertising with Rated People, I have tried other companies but I like that leads are only sold a maximum of 3 times, so I’m not fighting against 20 other plumbers for the same job.”
“I’ve been with Rated People for a couple of years now and my experience has been great from the very beginning.

Account Managers are only a call away for anything we need and the leads are consistent and good quality.

I’ve personally brought in hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of work through my Rated People membership.

I couldn’t ask for a better service and would recommend it to any business that wants to grow with a professional partner.

You will not find better value for money.
“I have worked with Rated People now for over a year and they have been exceptional in helping me with the success of my business. They have continued to be very professional in helping me with any questions and problems in a fast and fair manner.

Rated People have proved to be a greater success to me than all of the other review based work platforms that I had also joined for a year.

I am sure to continue with Rated People for many years, and I am sure that with the team of staff I deal with I will have no problems with my company being in good hands. Thank you Rated People.”
Access 75,000 leads a month and build your reputation online.
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    1. Hi Glenville, it’s great to hear that you’re interested in using Rated People! Fill in our short contact form here and our friendly team will give you a no-obligations call to discuss how our service works and what your specific membership could look like.

  1. Hi am a painter and sick of working FOR OTHER painter’s time to go out on my own can you please let me know how it works WITH yous k thanks

    1. Hi Adam, with Rated People, you pick the painting jobs you want to do from a list of jobs that match your trade, skills and work area. Then, we’ll give you the homeowner’s contact details so you can quote. If they pick you for the job, you can ask the homeowner to leave a rating on your profile page, which will help you win future work. Fill in our enquiry form and a member of our team will give you a no-obligations call to explain how our service works in more detail. Here’s the enquiry form: https://www.ratedpeople.com/tradesmen/signup/enquiry#form-section.

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