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Can you guess which trades have the most views on TikTok?

TikTok is the latest free social media giant to grab the attention of boomers and millennials alike, allowing them to create and share short-form videos of just about anything – from dancing in the kitchen, to making candy floss, to carving wooden beams and laying carpets.

Many tradespeople have turned to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with existing and prospective customers, with great success. But, in 2021 TikTok is predicted to see an additional 3.7 million users joining their 7.3 million strong community1, so the video sharing app is definitely something for tradespeople to consider – especially because trade videos get a surprisingly high amount of views.

The Most Viewed TikTok Trades

We wanted to know which trades were attracting the most viewers and getting the most interaction from people on the app, so we crunched the numbers to find out. We analysed the number of views for 25 common trades and skills, to find out which are the most popular. Here are the results.

1. Carpentry – 590.8 million views

Dowel time! 👍 #woodworking #fyp #carpentry #diy

♬ original sound – Donnie

Carpentry is the most popular TikTok trade, with the hashtag receiving over 590 million views. Videos vary from carpentry of small objects like ornate wooden shoes and rings, to larger projects like building skate parks and lofts.

2. Flooring – 421.3 million views


What do people wanna see 🤷‍♂️ #satisfying #skilledtrades #fyp #flooring #foryou #foryoupage #construction #fypシ #featureme #viral #stopgap #perfect

♬ Falling – Trevor Daniel

Flooring is also wildly popular on the social media platform, totaling 421.3 million views from TikTok users. Laying carpets, and wooden, concrete and tile flooring all feature, along with painting and applying different finishes.

3. Plumbing – 341.2 million views


you won’t want to paint these pipes #colinfurze #learnontiktok #tip #plumbing #engineer

♬ original sound – colinfurze

TikTok has become a popular platform for plumbers, with a whopping 341.2 plumbing-related video views. Many of the videos include tutorials for basic and complex plumbing, from fixing a leaky tap to installing toilets, sinks and baths.

 4. Landscaping – 321.3 million views


first trim of 2020 where it all began #fyp #lawncare #landscaping #trimming #edger #edging #yardwork #gardener #flowerbeds #learnontiktok

♬ original sound – Brubacher Property Care 🍁

Landscaping is the fourth most popular trade on TikTok, with tonnes of stunning garden transformations – including satisfyingly neat hedge trimming, tree transplants and plant potting. Landscaping videos have over 321.3 million views on the platform.

5. Blacksmithing – 313.2 million views


Axe making #blacksmith #axe #axeman #forging #forged #drift #handforged #powerhammer #tool

♬ original sound – WJM

Blacksmithing can be mesmerizing, as you can see by the 313.2 million views that blacksmiths have received on TikTok. Videos include forging weapons and tools like hammers, fire pokers and ornate knives.

6. Roofing – 270.3 million views


Fastest Roofer Ever⁉️😳🔥 (Yall Dont Want this smoke😤) #roofing #roofers #rooferos #construction #fyp #foryourpage #speed

♬ original sound – Ctx_Rick

As you would expect, most roofing videos are about installing shingles, tiles, slates and underlayment – but TikToker roofers have added a fun twist, and have started competing to see who can install roofs the fastest.

7. Bricklaying – 256.8 million views


BRICKLAYING#brick #bricks #bricklaying #bricklayers #bricklayerlife #bricklayer #bricky #asmr #relax #viral #bricktok #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Stu Crompton

Fondly referred to as ‘BrickTok’, Bricklaying TikTok videos have amassed quite a following, with over 250 million views on the platform. BrickTokers are keeping it simple, making calming videos that provide satisfying entertainment.

8. Handyman – 198.1 million views


Tv Mount Drywall repair. #handyman #howto #drywall #dyi #tvmount #drywallrepair #handyhagan #painting #totorial #az #exprESSIEyourself #YouGotThis #si

♬ original sound – Nicco

The Handyman hashtag on TikTok includes lots of different repair work, interior and exterior household maintenance and other odd jobs around the home. The trade has almost 200 million views on the platform.

9. Tiling – 101 million views


Tile tip. Marking and cutting angles. #tile #tip #howto #protip #tiling #fy #fyp

♬ original sound – e.tile

TikTok tiling videos consist mostly of how-tos and handy tips and tricks of the trade. Before and after tiling transformation videos are also popular. The trade has 101 million views – and counting.

10. Locksmith – 56 million views


Laser cutting Honda remote key. #honda #locksmith #badass #remotes

♬ original sound – The Keyless Shop

With 56 million views, locksmiths are getting their fair share of views on TikTok. Heartwarming videos of locksmiths coming to the rescue to save dogs locked in cars are popular, along with different types of key cutting.

11. Paving – 47.2 million views

12. Ironworker – 39.1 million views

13. Pest Control – 38 million views

14. Plastering – 24 million views

15. Drainage – 14.5 million views

16. Electricians – 12.7 million views

17. Tree Surgery – 2.4 million views

18. Gas Engineer – 2.2 million views

19. Window Fitter – 1.8 million views

20. Stonemasonry – 1 million views

21. Heating Engineer – 925k views

22. Window Cleaners – 324k views

23. Bathroom Fitter – 87k views

24. CCTV Operator – 25k views

25. Carpet Laying – 1k views

The lion’s share of users on TikTok are aged 18-24 (26%)2, so the popularity of trade videos on the social media platform could indicate that the next generation of budding trade talent is already taking inspiration for their future careers. Although there’s no way of knowing for certain whether career aspirations are being shaped, tradespeople are certainly getting recognition and praise for their skills.

Tik Tok Tradespeople in Action

We wanted to talk to a tradesperson about their experience using TikTok and how it has benefitted their business.

London based IdealFlooring are flooring specialists who noticed a lack of flooring related videos, but felt TikTok viewers would be interested in their work.

They’ve enjoyed a really positive response on the platform, amassing a whopping 1.1 million followers and 14.6 million likes for their videos which include self-levelling and laying down carpets and linoleum flooring. They commented:

“We knew how fascinating it is to watch flooring videos and we saw there weren’t many similar accounts. The most popular videos are the self levelling ones because they are the most satisfying to watch as it goes really smooth and we are really neat with our work.

We’ve had a few jobs through our TikTok account and are expecting more to come in as we have many emails a day.”

To see more videos from tradespeople, head to the TikTok site to explore. If you’re looking to enlist a service with us to boost your bookings, enquire today to find new customers, pick your job leads and get your business rated and reviews.

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