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'2nd to buy'

Posted by Vesta Mitchell, on
Why is EVERY lead I receive '2nd to buy' as soon as I get a notification of a new lead?
Andrew Kimberlee

Andrew Kimberlee

Might be you're device I had an older phone and took longer to get notifications and was hard to scroll down to even look at the jobs have updated phone and now instantly
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Re:question I realise what you mean now Vesta. This is also happening to me, never happened before, not that it makes any difference. Just a bit odd. John
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Your not quick enough. Pardon the pun (not intended) Personally, if I'm 1st to buy any new live lead, I'm first to buy as I have been lucky enough to be logged into my live leads and any such have became live there and then. Maybe there are too many trades now. Who knows. Unfortunately when using this site you have to be the quickest slinger in the west (no pun intended) (again)

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