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Posted by Corey , on
I want to caulk my tub but am having a hard time with it. Keeps peeling off.
Marian Cobuz

Marian Cobuz

Hello Corey, you should know caulk is washable, it isn't intended for wet areas, particularly not recommended to seal a bath. Try and use sanitary silicone, I'm using Dow Corning 785 bacteria resistant for a couple of years, excellent quality/price.
Stephen Back

Stephen Back

Make sure the area is clean dry and grease free. Fill the bath half way with water before applying silicone, Always use a good quality silicone and spray a small am out of WD40 on your finger to get a professional finish.
Brad Turner

Brad Turner

Use silicone, and wet your finger with saliva or white spirit then run your finger across the silicone neatly in one motion.
Peter Howell

Peter Howell

You must make sure the area is clean and grease free use a good quality bathroom silicone also you could purchase a set of silicone tools such as a fugi kit (about £20 ) This well make the job so much easier and long lasting Good luck

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