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Phone line faulty

Posted by Kieran Sampson, on
I've installed a replacement phone socket in the lounge (not the master socket). The original was working, but the plastic clip had broken and so was unusable. When I opened up the phone socket I noticed, the following: 1) green/white ring and white/green ring weren't connected, as expected. 2) there was two of every other ring, ie: - 2 blue/white rings and 2 white/blue rings - 2 orange/white rings and 2 white/orange rings. 3) the bare wire wasn't originally exposed, ie it was still covered by the plastic. I'm unsure how the original socket would even work if this was the case. 4) I'm convinced that all 6 connections were being used by the blue/orange rings, ie the green rings being left to the side. - I've joined the two blue/white rings together and have inserted them into connection two. - I've joined the two white/blue rings together and have inserted into connection five. - I've joined the two orange/white rings together and have inserted them into connection three. - I've joined the two white/orange rings together and have inserted them into connection four. - The green/white and white/green rings remain unconnected. All, as per the instructions. However, there's no dialling tone from the phone socket in lounge, when I dial the phone (plugged into lounge socket) I see my mobile number come up, but the phone doesn't ring. The other sockets in other rooms are working fine, ie the phone rings and there's a dialling tone. Any idea what I've done wrong here? Many thanks.

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