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Coffin cold water tank in eaves for loft conversion

Posted by Shuva Dey, on
Hi, Not getting much help from my builder/plumber who are too busy. Having a loft conversion done and will have 2 bathrooms in house with 3 people living there most of the time. Have gravity fed system and plan to have 2 power showers one in loft and one on first floor. What's the minimum size cold water tank I will need in eaves would it be 50 gallons as I imagine I would need 2 coffin tanks (is this possible) in that case due to height and width restrictions . Currently have a standard small HWC I think it's 120L or so. Just wandering what kind of set up I would need i.e. cold water tank and HWC capacities with a pump connected to both hot water and cold water supplies. Have decided on this set up as would rather keep existing condensing boiler as I have heard mixed reviews about combi boilers and their longevity. Also I believe megaflo type cyclinders are out of the question as it would require good mains pressure which I dont' know is adequate. Advice appreciated. Many thanks.
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

I would suggest installing a 300L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder to supply your hot water outlets and power showers. There will be a few factors to determine this though and these can only be made by a visit from your chosen plumbing installer (Gas Supply . Mains Pressure . Central Heating Layout . Electrics . Nominal Installation Space) You will naturally need a system boiler too to power the setup. Price wise can only be determined by the installer, although, you could be looking in the upward of £4000 (labour/materials supply&fit) I hope this helps JIRELAND PLUMBER
Lauren Dyno Plumbing

Lauren Dyno Plumbing

Hi Shuva. I don't know where you are located but I am part of the Dyno network. If you call your local Dyno Plumbing office they will gladly come to your home free of charge and help you design, plan and implement a solution. To be honest it's not rocket science. There is a lot of hard work involved and it's a job for the future rather than immediate demand but that is what we thrive on. If you any further help please mail me on [email protected]

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