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Roof vents

Posted by Samantha Lowes, on
Hi there ?? My condensation/ damp/ mould ect is terrible ?? I only live in a small 3 bed house. We've tried everything, dehumidifier, windows open ect. Would It be possible to have a quote to fit roof vents? My loft trips condensation and it's ruining everything ?? I have baby twins and it really worries me the mould Thank you for your time, Samantha lowes
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Hi there Samantha, you should definitely fit roof vents to benefit from a well ventilated home, this can illuminate problems such as damp, mound and condensation. If you or your neighbours (semi detached) have had cavity wall insulation installed, I would seek a damp and humidity inspection from you a building surveyor, this can also cause the issues you are experiencing! I hope this helps JIRELAND PLUMBER
Derek McCormack

Derek McCormack

The best solution would be to install sections of breathable roofing membrane. We have done this on several properties and it has cured the problem. Not the cheapest way out but it does work. McCormack Roofing Hampshire.
John Rusu

John Rusu

Hi Samantha a can you give me a text with you details and i contact you tomorrow to discuss about your problem!! thanks Ion

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